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Hammerschloss Röthenbach

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Hammerschloss and Landsassengut Röthenbach

In the middle ages, a lead melt to insisted in Röthenbach, temporarily.

Later, an iron was built where the melt was; with this melt Hammer master Otto Hayden joined in 1378 the official Hammer unification. He also owned the Hammer Gröthschenreuth bei Erbendorf and was a very wealthy man. He married Catherine Haller von Nuernberg, whose Father Ulrich, was of one of the richest men of his time. The Hayden Family were Nuremberg citizens, members of the sex sat, already in the 14th century as respected citizens in Amberg, Sulzbach and Neunburg vorm Wald and with their Hammerworks and as iron wholesalers they were influential in the oberpfälzer iron industry. On Otto Hayden, as the owner of Röthenbachs , followed Friedrich Gnendorf he was certificated as the owner already in the year 1410. He died around 1430, leaving the Hammer (he had no sons) to his widow Dorothea and their daughter, also named Dorothea. The Hammer seems to have been struck shortly thereafter by the Hussites and got burned down, because 1433 Margrave of Brandenburg and Count Johann Gnendorfers gave the widow Dorothea , for the sustained fire at Hammer Röthenbach, the allowance for wood rights to rebuild , against a loan of 100 guilders. The daughter Dorothea married, the probably from Amberg coming, George Sauerzapf in 1439. He may very likely, has been a son of the rich Amberger merchant and iron trader Dietrich Sauerzapf. Georg Sauerzapf was not only a respected trade man, but also an active entrepreneur, who brought the Hammer Röthenbach on high performance and soon came to major assets. He died about 53 years old, in the year 1469. His son and successor Friedrich, bought in many fields and meadows and laid the Foundation for the later existing Landsassengut Röthenbach. Friedrich had been, in first marriage, married to Barbara von Pappenberg, who bore him a daughter, Catherine, she married a Mr. Grafenreuther. When Frederichs first wife died, it is not known; as his second, he took Catherine, sister-in-law of Felix Fraislich from Amberg, to his wife. She survived Friedrich and married later Niclas Hauslaib, the town clerk of Auerbach and Eschenbach. He is already in 1503 named as owner of the Hammer. He seems not to have left sons because, after him followed Friedrich and Christoph uon Pappenberg as the owners, this was named in the year 1532. They did not work the Hammer their selves, so they sold it in 1539 to Paul Kastner. He was succeeded by his son Daniel Kastner, who was married twice. First married to Dorothea, daughter of Wilhelm Schlüsselfelder from Nuremberg, she died childless, a few months after the wedding. 1576, he married Ursula Nützel, daughter of the Nuremberg patrician Casper Nützel the elder. They had ten children of their marriage. Daniel Castner died at the age of almost 80 years in 1622, and the Landsassengut and the Hammer Röthenbach, with Zugehörungen, went over to his daughter and her husband. In the Heirfight, after the death of Anna Maria. Her son-in-law, Johann Friedrich Schmidt, sold the Hammer and the Landsassengut to Johann Paul Abel Mosen, Capitan in the Delacron'schen Dragonerregmint. His widow Anna Elisabet, took Johann Georg Kögler, Lieutenant in the Zaick'schen regiment, as her second husband. This had not last long; in the year 1651 Bernhard Reidt was named as owner. 1670 the estate was sold to Hans Andreas von Schönstedt.

He built in year 1678 the still existing Castle, the on built chapel called "Maria conception" was built in 1726, by Countess Johanna von Schönstedt. Hans Andreas son Rudolf Heinrich born in 1669 died in 1718, his son sold Röthenbach 1751 the Hammer master Johann Ertl zu Altweiher. His son, and heir, Johann Michael married Rosina from Kieswetter, he died 1786. His widow sold the estate to their daughter Anna Maria, who was married to a Count von Grafenstein.

1759 the mirror glass loop to the melt pond is mentioned for the first time. In 1843 the Castle Brewery was founded by Franz Johann von Grafenstein "Grafensteinsche Schlossbrauerei Röthenbach". The Brewery existed till the year 1960, the Beer was browed with natural spring water, and was very famous. 1890 a wooden chapel was built in the CastlePark of a Colonel-General v. G., out of gratitude for the recovery of his daughter. Herrmann von Grafenstein married Catherine Rasel from Amberg in the year 1907; they had two children of their marriage Eduard, heritage, and Maria. In the year 1909 a founded renovation was done in the castle. The following year the Spirituous burned down; it was rebuilt in a changed form. Eduard married Gertrud born Rummel, their daughter Christine von Grafenstein sold the property in 2007 to the entrepreneur Raymond Grassick. A Dublin-born Irishman, his second Wife Kathrin, born Weigl, comes from Ammersricht. Raymond Grassick has, among other Proberties the Hotel to the gold'nen Crown in Amberg.

In the Year 2008, shortly after he bought the Property, he started renovating.

Further historical Informations of Röthenbach, you will find from Burkhard von Grafenstein under

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